Pre-sale service
1) Consulting service: Our sales team will introduce our company and products to customers. If the problems cannot be answered immediately by the sales staff, the staff in technical department will help to answer and solve the technical problems for customers.
2) We provide detailed technical parameters, photos, work video, etc. to help customers with a more comprehensive understanding of the product and avoid dissatisfaction from customers due to inadequate communication and knowledge.

Sale service
1) We provide customers with production schedule, the delivery condition, the number of accessories and so on.
2) We inspect the new equipment and provide relevant photos or videos for customers.
3) Packing inspection ensures that the equipment in the transport process will not be a collision.

After-sales service
1) We will train customers how to install, debug, maintain, and repair equipment. (Factory training is free, on-site training charges.)
2) Customers need to provide unpacking video or photos.
3) If there are missing parts, we will reissue these parts and make an explanation to the customer.
4) If there is a problem with equipment due to the quality problem of the parts, we will communicate with the customer online. After the mail or telephone communication, we will reissue the parts according to the agreed quantity and specification, and teach the customer how to change them. If necessary, we will also offer corresponding replacement video to the customer.
5) If there are large-scale damages due to design defects, local after-sale service workers will assist customers to solve the problem as soon as possible, reducing customer’s loss.
6) Our regular follow-up service ensures that customers enjoy long-term supply of equipment parts.
7) Countries with our agents (Germany, Sweden, Mexico and Egypt)
a. We will provide agents with more accessories, such as pumps, transmission systems, tubing, vehicle electrical appliances, wires, sealing systems. If there is something wrong with the equipment, customers can take the related accessories in 3 days, the accessories are also available for the customers near the country. We try to reduce customer's loss to minimum.
b. If the customer fails to solve the problem, we will feed back the problem to the agent, and the agent will help customers solve it.

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