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Crawler Excavator HY-60C

Product Name: Crawler Excavator

The crawler excavator is primarily used in urban and rural highway construction and maintenance, cable laying, power and airport engineering, municipal construction, water conservancy, rural/residential construction, and a variety of other construction projects.

Engine: The engine on the tracked excavator is a Yanma diesel engine from Japan, and features an excellent performance, low fuel consumption, low noise, large power reserves, a long stroke and international warranty service.

Hydraulic system: We import the main pump, main valve, swing reducer, swing motor and travel motor from Korea.

Oil tube: The oil tube is a high pressure rubber pipe, which makes it suitable to numerous harsh environments. It is quake resistant, and resistant to high temperatures.

Hydraulic Working System: Making use of an advanced, international technology, the hydraulic working system reduces instability with a buffer function, extending the machine life.

Traveling System: The transmission allows users to choose a traveling system with original, two shifting speed options, significantly improving the digging efficiency.

Structure: Users can choose from domestic manganese steel with a high quality, which improves the structural strength and guarantees the safety of traveling and construction. The surface is treated to shot blasting, in order to prevent rust formation and improve the service life.

Radiator: The radiator is an aluminum multi-fin radiator, and uses a vacuum brazing process, improve the coefficient heat transfer, and offers minimal resistance to hydraulic operations, even in hot weather. The radiator is also easy to control.

Back System: The back system uses an original Korean rotary device for smooth, easy and flexible operation.

Scientific and comfortable working environment: The driver’s space is cool and comfortable, and has a comfortable seat, easy operation system, and even features optional air conditioning during hot weather.

Cushion design: We use a plastic/sound absorbing material packaging on the steel plate to ensure the driving room has an added liquid cushion design inside, which reduces vibration, and ensures the driving enclosure is secure and stable.

Intelligent operation system: This excavator features a new operation system to improve the efficiency, reduce fuel consumption, and combines the monitor instruments directly to operation. A monitor with both language and sign makes it easier to keep track of the working condition.

Technical Parameters of Crawler Excavator
Main size Width of platform (mm) 1885 Working range Length of boom (mm) 3000
Width of cab (mm) 1030 Length of forearm(mm) 1600
Height of cab (mm) 2575 Max. digging range(mm) 6150
Min. Swing radius (mm) 1650 Max. digging depth(mm) 3820
Min. Ground clearance(mm) 350 Max. digging height(mm) 5760
Wheel gauge(mm) 1990 Max. dumping height(mm) 4030
Length of crawler (mm) 2540 Digging force of bucket ( KN) 37.7
Width between on track(mm) 1480 Digging force of forearm ( KN) 28.4
Width of track (mm) 400 Engine Model Yuchai f7403/yanma94l
Length of excavator(mm) 5850 Rated power(kw) 43kw yuchai/38.1kwyanma
The width between two crawler (mm) 1880 Rated revolution(r/min) 2200
Hydraulic System
Main pump Type Variable axial piston pump
Max. Flow 2*55L/min
Quantity 2
Leader pump Type gear pump
Max. Flow 9.9L/min
Rotary motor Overflow 22Mpa
Main overflow valve Moving arm/forearm/bucket 21Mpa
System of swing 21Mpa

Product Details

  • Front bulldozing plate
  • Luxurious seats with handrail
  • Safe hammer
  • Doosan swing motor original import from South Korea
  • Doosan oil pump original import from South Korea
  • Switch
  • AC
  • Manual accelerator control
  • Two joystick operation

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