Wheel Excavator HY-60C

Product Name: Excavator

The wheel excavator is primarily used in urban and rural highway construction and maintenance, cable laying, power and airport engineering, municipal construction, water conservancy, rural/residential construction, and a variety of other construction projects.

1. The working table is controlled by the microcomputer. The water temperature, oil temperature, current and work time are all easily visible.
2. The operator cabin is enclosed in clear glass, and is spacious and bright for driver comfort.
3. Two hand levers operate the bulldozing excavator, and save labor efforts.
4. The rotary oil tank makes it easy to refuel.
5. Hydraulic components from internationally known brands are used, ensuring a long operating life, a steady power drive, and fast operation speed.
6. The prepositive moldboard is great for onsite cleaning.
7. The oil return filter for the wheeled excavator is set in the oil return pipeline in order to guarantee clean hydraulic oil.
8. The performance of the complete excavator meets operation efficiency needs.
9. We supply a number of optional components to meet diverse customer needs.
10. Comfortable driver’s seat
11. Joystick operation makes it easy to operate the backhoe loader, saving time and labor.

Technical Parameters of the HY-60C Wheel Excavator
Working Range
Max. Digging Depth(mm) 3300
Max. Digging Height (mm) 5300
Max. Digging Radius (mm) 5700
Max. Dumping Height (mm) 3900
Model 4102
Rated Power (Kw) 44
Total Weight (kg) 5600
Bucket Capacity (m3) 0.28
Hydraulic System Working Pressure (Kpa) 20
Max. Flux (ml/r) 32/32
Work Efficiency (m3/n) 60-80
Working Times (t/m) 6-10
Gradeability (%) 25
Max. Hauling Force (Kn) 27.4
Walking Speed 35
Boom Rotation Angle 3600
Overall Dimension (LxWxH) 6080 x 1980 x 2870
Wheelbase (mm) 2000
Min. Ground Clearance (mm) 220

Product Details

  • Front bulldozing plate
  • Safe hammer
  • Doosan swing motor original import from South Korea
  • Doosan oil pump original import from South Korea
  • Luxurious seats with handrail
  • Switch
  • AC
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