Wheel Loader ZL-50F

Technical Parameters of ZL 50F CE Certificate Mini Wheel Loader
Item Specifications Item Specifications
Rated loading weight 5000kg Min. fuel consuming rate 214g/kw.h
Rated bucket capacity 3 CBM Specified rotational speed 2200r/min
Operating weight 16 0 00Kgs Pattern 3-element, single stage
Performance of bucket being set level Yes Number of great shift 4 F + 4 R
Static tilting load at full steering position 98KN Max. travel speed 38km/h
Max. breakout force 172.6 KN Main reducer type Spiral bevel gear, moderation of first stage
Max. drawbar pull 151.9 KN Pattern of wheelside moderation Single stage planetary
Max. torque 779N.m Tyre size 23.5-25
Max. grade ability 30degrees Front tyre pressure 392KPa
Lifting time + Dumping time + Lowering time 11s Rear tyre pressure 343KPa
Max. dump height 3098 mm Pattern Articulated and hydraulic steering, load sensing
Max. dump reach 1198 mm Steering angle (each direction) 35 +/- 1 degree
Min. Ground clearance 450mm Min. turning radius (outside of bucket) 7268 mm
Wheel base 3200mm Brake system Air assisted oil type four wheel brake
Overall dimensions (L x W x H) 7836 x 3010 x 3300mm Parking brake Air cutting control inner expand hoof
Engine STEYR WD12G220E11 Fuel capacity 320 L
Engine pattern In-line, vertical, water-cooling, six -stroke diesel engine D isplacement 9.726L
Cylinder-bore x stroke 6-126 x 130 Pressure of working hydraulic system 160kfg/cm2
Rated power 162KW Packing details Nude package, 1Unit/ 4 0's HQ with disassembled

1. The construction wheel loader’s engine is a brand name, 4 cylinder engine that wastes less gas, features a low fuel consumption and is powerful.
2. The outward appearance is professional, and the wheel loader itself features a spacious driving cab with a wide field of vision. 3. The construction wheel loader has a back shield, a central lubricant system, and is easy to maintain.
4. The fuel tank does not move, making it easy to refuel.
5. This construction machinery has an outstanding working efficiency with numerous clear cut functions.
6. We offer a variety of spare part options to meet all customer requirements for the industrial wheel loader.

1. Using a direct injection diesel engine power, startup is easy and consumes very little oil.
2. Using a special drive axle, the wheel logger easily moves over obstacles.
3. The chassis uses a hinged structure, with a small turning radius and flexible turning, making operation in tight spaces easy.
4. This industrial wheel loader uses hydraulic operation, and its simple structure makes operation convenient, offers an excellent performance and a reliable quality.
5. This wheel logger is widely used in construction for agricultural engineering, as well as small and medium building projects such as roads, coal mines, brick yards, urban construction, kiln factories, stone material factories, prefabricated cement part factories and more.
Front/Rear Axle:
1. The planetary transmission is equipped with a compact structure and a large torque.
2. The friction sheet and anti-skid transmission ensure a strong cross country and climbing capacity.

1. With a new steel frame, the cab features a wider vision range, and its safe, as well as blocks most machine noise.
2. The spacious cab is equipped with instruments and control devices for easy machine operation.
3. Noise absorption, thermal insulation, and high class decorative materials are used for internal decoration of the cab.
4. The low vibration suspended seat is designed specifically for operators and to ensure their comfort. An air conditioner inside the cab is optional.

Welding Structure
The new style is an articulated front/rear frame, and features a small turning radius, and an excellent climbing capacity. The carrying capacity and stability are also outstanding.

Hydraulic System

The variable pump motor is used in the traveling system, leading to a simple operation, stable traveling and reliable performance.
The high pressure gear pump is used in the working system, leading to a fast lifting speed and outstanding efficiency.
All hydraulic parts are well-known brands in China, with an outstanding and reliable performance.

Wide Thread Steel Radial Tire
The tire features an excellent cutting and wear proof performance, a wide antiskid groove, a great heat dispersion capability, self-washing performance, excellent adhesiveness to the ground, and great traction.
The wide thread steel radial tire is widely used in mining, earth-moving, loading and digging operations.

Electric System
The cable and jacket are made of flame resistant material.
A high grade battery and all electric parts are used to ensure a reliable and stable system.

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