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Wheel Grass Grapple Loader

1. The working table on the wheel grass grapple loader is controlled using a microcomputer, and the water temperature, oil temperature, current and work time are all easily visible on the controls.
2. The operator cabin is enclosed in glass, as well as being spacious and bright.
3. Two hand levers are used for operating the wheel loader, making the wheel grapple loader convenient and easy to operate.
4. The rotary oil tank makes it easy to add oil to the engine.
5. Internationally known brand name hydraulic components are used, ensuring a long operating life, high power driving and fast operating speed.
6. The prepositive moldboard is used for cleaning on-site.
7. The oil return filter is set in the oil return pipeline to ensure clean hydraulic oil.
8. The entire performance of the wheel grass grapple loader is extraordinary.
9. Optional components can be added to the grapple loader to meet different user requirements.

On-site Usage

Product Details

  • Two joysticks operation, easy operation
  • Front bulldozing plate, convenient for cleaning with two lights
  • Work table with water temperature, oil temperature, current
  • Working Lights
  • Switch
  • Plunger pump
  • Fan

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