Wheel Logger

    1. Three-Wheel Logger HY-5800 The tri-wheel logger has an excellent climbing ability to suit different work site operation needs. Heaping is easily carried out while the wheel logger is moving, and the front grab can meet side loading needs. This significantly improves the working efficiency. Inquiry Form
    1. Wheel Logger with Trailer The working table is controlled by a microcomputer, and the water temperature, oil temperature, current and work time are all clearly visible. Two hand levers operate the logging trailer, making operation convenient and saving labor costs. The rotary oil tank makes it easy to add oil. Inquiry Form
    1. Wheel Logger HY-60 We use a domestic manganese steel with excellent quality for a sturdy overall structure. The welding technique meets international standards, and significantly improves the strength of the structure, in order to further guarantee the safety and improve the construction design of the wheel logger. Inquiry Form

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