Wheel Logger HY-60

1. Engine
The engine is either a Weichai powered engine or a Cummins diesel engine. Both are characterized by their excellent performance, low fuel consumption, low noise emissions and large power reserves.

2. Hydro cylinder working system
This system makes use of internationally known advanced technology. It reduces instability with a buffer function, which extends the logger’s service life.

3. Traveling system
Users can choose a traveling system for the wheel logger that operates with a two shift speed (h/l), which significantly improves the digging efficiency.

4. Structure
We use a domestic manganese steel with excellent quality for a sturdy overall structure. The welding technique meets international standards, and significantly improves the strength of the structure, in order to further guarantee the safety and improve the construction design of the wheel logger. The entire excavator undergoes a shot blast treatment, which increases the adhesiveness and delays rusting. With the exception of welded components, all machining and parts can be easily exchanged to improve the service life.

5. Radiator
The radiator is an aluminum multi-fin radiator, and uses a vacuum brazing process to improve the heat transfer coefficient. The hydraulic aspects feature a small flow resistance, even during hot weather in the summer. The wheel logger in its entirety is easy to control.

6. Back system
The wood grapple’s back system uses an original Korean rotary device, allowing for a smooth, easy and flexible operation.

7. Scientific and comfortable working environment
The enclosed driver section on the wheel logger feature a low noise and low vibration. The seat is comfortable, and the enclosed section is spacious, offering plenty of room to comfortably operate the machinery. The driver’s section remains cool in hot weather, and the multi-function control panel is the latest in scientific configurations and easily shows working assignments.

8. Cushion design
The steel plate uses a plastic, sound absorbing packaging, to ensure the punch forming structure is as high quality as possible. We also add a liquid cushioning design to reduce vibration and ensure the driving environment is more secure and stable.

9. Intelligent Operating System
The excavation machine has a newer operating system designed to maximize efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and directly combines monitoring instruments with operation procedures. The monitors feature a combination of language and symbols, making it easy to accurately keep tabs on the working condition.

10. Hydraulic steering
The driver uses a hydraulic pilot hand lever control rod, which is both comfortable and easy to operate, reducing driver stress.

Technical Parameters of the HY-60 Wheel Logger
Max. Working Radius (mm) 5 2 00
Max Lifting Height (mm) 3900
Max. Dumping Height (mm) 3500
Engine Cummins or Weifang Huadong
Max. Opening (mm) 1650
Oil Pump Doosan (South Korea brand ) or Jinan brand
Scratching Weight 1.0t
Total Weight 7.0 tons
Full Lift Capacity over 360 Degrees
Opening Time 7s
Closing Time 9S
Mix. Hauling Force (kn) 29
Grade Ability 25%
Max Traction Force 27.4kn
Working Speed ≤35km/h
Overall Dimension (L x W x H) 6080 x 2300 x 2870Mm
Wheelbase 2000mm
Min Ground Clearance 210mm
Horizontal Boom Extension 4000mm
Grab Bucket Driven Hydraulic drive

Product Details

  • Joystick operation, easy operation
  • Bigger tires
  • Swing grapple
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