Sugarcane Loader

    1. Sugarcane Loader HY-5200 The sugarcane loader is used to move harvested sugarcane from the field into the trailer. Once in the trailer, it will be relocated to the processing plant. The Cummins engine power is 80HP, which is powerful and covered under an international warranty service. Inquiry Form
    1. Sugarcane Loader HY-9800 The sugarcane loader is used to move harvested sugarcane from the field into the trailer. After harvesting, the sugarcane will be taken to the processing plant. With the completion of the various operating actions on the scaffold, efficiency is improved, and labor force is reduced. Inquiry Form
    1. Sugarcane Loader HY-8600-9600 The working principle of the sugarcane harvesting machine is very similar to that of a John Deere machine, ensuring that the boom, arm, grapple, and push plier all work at efficiency levels expected and needed to get the job done right, and quickly. Inquiry Form

Engine: The engine used in this agricultural machinery is a powerful Cummins diesel engine, and features an excellent performance, low fuel consumption, low noise, large power reserves, a long stroke and international warranty service.

Oil tube: The oil tube is a high pressure rubber pipe, which makes it suitable to numerous harsh environments. It is quake resistant, and resistant to high temperatures.

Hydraulic Working System: Making use of an advanced, international technology, the hydraulic working system reduces instability with a buffer function, extending the machine life.

Traveling System: The transmission allows for an infinite number of speeds in different ranges for hydraulic braking, working and walking.

Structure: The overall structure of the sugarcane loader is a high quality, domestic manganese steel, which improves the structural strength and guarantees the safety of traveling and construction.

Surface Treatment: Rust removal is done with a large shot blast machine, which also changes the welding stress.

Surface spray coating: Anti-rust paint and finishing paint ensures the durability of the sugarcane loading machine.

Welding process: Carbon Dioxide MIG welding

The working table is controlled by a microcomputer and features controllable water and oil temperatures, currents, and work time.

Internationally known brands of all hydraulic components are used, ensuring a long service life and fast operating speed.

The prepositive push pillar is convenient for collection.

The oil filter is set within the oil return pipeline in order to ensure the cleanliness of the hydraulic performance.

The ascendant performance of the entire sugarcane loading machine ensures the outstanding operating efficiency.

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